Driveway Cleaning and Resealing

Cleaning and resealing your driveway and patio should be done at least every three to four years. This will reduce the frequency of scheduled maintenance and repair, increasing the cost-effectiveness of your driveway. The precise frequency to have your driveway cleaned and re-sealed will depend on the usage and exposure to adverse weather conditions.

When the pattern imprinted concrete is initially installed, the slab is coloured and hardened. It should then be sealed with a solvent based acrylic sealant. Water-based acrylic sealants should not be used on pattern imprinted concrete at all, whether it is at the initial stage or part of a refurbishment project. The resin rich solvent based acrylic sealant acts as a protective layer on the concrete; it is basically the sacrificial layer. It is a thin layer, as it begins to wear out, the concrete will begin to appear dirty, dull and discoloured.

Why choose R & A Driveways?

Although the driveways we supply are very low maintenance, cleaning and resealing is an integral part of keeping your driveway attractive and robust. It is suggested that the clean and reseal procedure is reapplied every 3-4 years, with a simple reseal done on a yearly basis.

The cleaning process begins by a high powered pressure washer spayed on the driveway. Once the driveway has been cleaned, the fine sand is replaced and sealed with a matt sealant.

R & A Driveways

R & A Driveways provide a trustworthy service along with high quality installments which comply with british standards. We also assist in providing customers with our knowledge of groundworks for design and ideas.

As professionals in driveways and hard landscaping all work is carried and provided with a guarantee. For a free quote on any of our services please give us a call.

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